Menopause Supplements without Soy

by amberenofficial

If you are one of the many women experiencing menopause or perimenopause symptoms you are more than likely looking for treatment. Some of the changes you may be noticing are things like hot flashes, weight gain, brittle nails and irritability. There are a range of options available to you.

Menopause treatments include: hormone replacement therapies, vitamins and supplements, soy based product and lifestyle modifications. These are just a few of the common menopause symptoms many women complain about. However, some women have negative reactions to soy products, but there are menopause supplements without soy.


Menopause Supplements, Herbs and Vitamins

Herbs and Vitamins  excellent menopausal supplements

There are menopause supplements that do not contain soy that are just as effective. Many will work on their own, but when combined they can have even better results. If you are soy sensitive you can find menopause relief in the following choices:

Vitamin E – This natural vitamin will assist in your skin, hair and nail issues. Also, consuming at least 400 IUs is known to relief the symptom of hot flashes.
Gamma-Linolenic Acid, GLA – This essential fatty acid can be found in evening primrose and black currant oils. This will assist the body in controlling the symptoms of menopause.
Flaxseed – This taken daily will help greatly with menopausal weight gain by aiding your metabolism.
Black Cohosh and Dong Quai – are two of the oldest remedies for menopause treatment. They both work to maintain proper hormone levels in a woman’s body. This will reduce all the symptoms associated with menopause. Also, they are a safe alternative to soy for women who have or had breast cancer.
Vitamin D – This vitamin taken with calcium will keep your bones strong. This is important because as you age your bones become thin and brittle and menopause only accelerates this process.
Vitamin B Complex – This group of vitamins will provide menopause support and can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Menopause Support through Lifestyle Changes

You can also achieve relief for your menopause symptoms through healthy lifestyle changes. This is another great option for those who do not want to or are allergic to soy based supplements. There are many foods that are soy-free what have been known to help women ease their symptoms. Dark green and yellow vegetables and fruits are excellent options. These include greens, lettuces and squash. Also, snacking on nuts, figs and live culture yogurts can also be effective.

You will want to cut certain foods out of your diet such as high protein foods, caffeine, fast foods and processed foods. These can all exasperate your menopause symptoms greatly. Protein rich diets can lead to a greater chance of developing osteoporosis by stripping the bones of minerals. Choosing your foods wisely is important for menopausal women.

Also, adding regular exercise to your daily routine will help relieve many symptoms as well. It will help to boost your immunity and is a stress reliever. Exercise will even help to improve your energy levels and stamina throughout the day and as an added benefit, many women have reported an increased level of sexual desire.

If you fall into the category of women who cannot or will not take soy supplement, you can feel secure in knowing there are menopause supplements without soy. This is a natural phase of live, but on one has to endure the symptoms that come along with it. With a little knowledge of what is available for you, you can move on to the next phase with ease.