Menopause Supplements for Libido

by amberenofficial

Many men and women maintain emotional and spiritual connection through intimacy. It inspires, rekindles, calms, and motivates partners to maintain a deep connection despite life’s drama and trauma. As men and women age testosterone and estrogen levels wane. These hormones increase sexual desire and the need in some cases for menopause supplements for libido.

It is vital to discuss the use of these products with a medical health professional prior to experimentation. Although intimacy grows from a couples continued connection, sometimes a little help cannot hurt.

Sex Drive and Libido

Television commercials offer a variety of new over-the-counter, prescription and herbal supplement remedies for male and female libido. With menopause supplements for libido advertised on every channel, it is important to research the side effects and risks of each supplement. As individuals age, fluctuating testosterone in men, and estrogen in women can reduce the desire for intimacy.

For men, male supplements for libido are plentiful. Presidential candidates of old advertised their desire to maintain a fulfilling sex life. Couples travel through commercials filled with waterfalls and vacation spots. Each advertisement reminding partners that sexual intimacy is important in older adult relationships.

Today, menopause supplements for libido increase blood flow to the genitals. They assist men in maintaining erections. New products tout the ability to increase blood flow to female genitalia, as well. Although blood flow is important, increasing a person’s heart rate and blood pressure can be a risky and dangerous endeavor.

Menopause Supplements for Libido

For the majority of women, libido is about emotions. Some women desire intimacy as do men. However, women connect emotionally and sexually during lovemaking. Not all the lubrication and chemical assistance in the world can bring intimacy where none exists. Women love sexual theatre. The surroundings, mood, sounds, scents, visual and auditory enhancements help women to maintain heightened pleasure during lovemaking.

Natural supplements for libido in women increase desire, boost libido, relieve stress, and increase energy levels. Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, and Red Clover are some herbal supplements that can increase female genital lubrication and vaginal elasticity. Initially, however women should consider the use of a saline or silicone based lubricant. The problem with the use of these herbal supplements, individually, however, is that can leave women unable to regulate their dosage.

Supplements for Libido in Men

These supplements include growth hormones, muscle strengtheners, and blood pressure aids. Many over-the-counter and prescription supplements include plant-based testosterone, adenosine phosphate that builds muscle and similar blood pumping enhancers. Some men may find that L-Arginine is effective for maintaining an erection. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is necessary for the functioning of the pituitary gland. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba also assist men with blood purification, increasing energy levels, and reducing stress that can lead to fulfilling lovemaking.

Menopause Supplements for Libido in Women

With a variety of supplements available for women, research is the best approach. Ask technicians in the pharmacy and the health food store to describe the effects of the ingredients in each supplement. Ask other women about their experiences with specific supplements. Sometimes the best approach to using menopause supplements for libido is patience and a stress free environment. Women should consult their medical health professional prior to using any supplements that enhance blood flow, alter hormone activity, or increase blood pressure.

Boost Libido

Some women find that the best way to boost libido is to reduce stress. Exercise, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage reduce the heart rate, release mood-enhancing endorphins, and reduce physical and emotional stress. Women may believe that alcohol reduces stress, but it can decrease feelings of intimacy and leave women sleepy and energy depleted.